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Updated : Tuesday 2 February 2010

This is one of the 170 sites that let you reduce the size of the Url address of a website or blog so it takes up less space. So, you can now use Twitter to send a message followed by a link to a website or blog you like. This “reduction” is an important function for Twitterers as, on Twitter, you are limited to 140 characters.

  • Micromania has caught up with the virtual world. Before, it was just our computers, phones and faxes that shrank in size, but now it’s affecting the language. After the contraction of words by SMS (“CU 2nite?” for “Shall I see you tonight?”), now it’s the turn of the internet, with “THX” for “Thank you” and “BRB” for “I’ll get back to you shortly”. “Owned” means “You’ve been had” or, more crudely, “I screwed you”.

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