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  • 18.06 Anonymiser

    When Nora Neko suggested I give a definition of Anonymiser, I thought I smelled a rat. The term anonymiser could well, in fact, strike fear into the hearts of the defenders of moral values, (...)
  • 13.11 Thread

    “Please start a new thread if you want a reply to your questions”. The first time I received this message, I was uncertain what to do – it seemed rather brusque. I got help online, obviously. Anyone (...)
  • 24.10 Fork

    Don’t worry, Mynetwords isn’t branching out into kitchen utensils. The word “fork” can of course mean exactly that: a branching out, a fork in the road, a bifurcation. The Texan house once used in (...)
  • 16.10 Forum

    On the web, a forum (the word was suggested by Sophie) is a space for public discussion. The term was originally a Latin word, simply meaning a place in the city where the Romans went to debate (...)
  • 30.05 Rick Roll

    The Rickroll started out as a prank played on the web. In 2007, faced with the impatience of the fans of the “Grand Theft Auto” video game to see the trailer for Version IV, the 4chan website set (...)

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  • My NetWords

    If you are already familiar with words like Google bombing, blogola, Twitter, crowdsourcing, mashup, poke and status, then read no further. If not, we present “MyNetWords – your critical guide to webspeak”. The idea of this glossary (written by Marie Muzard) is to answer the questions of (...)
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  • FAQ

    More and more of you are suggesting words to me and asking me questions like, “When are you going to publish my word, how do you decide?” or “Why haven’t you clarified such and such a definition?” I hope this FAQ section will give you the answers — if not, just write to me. 1. How do you choose the (...)
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